Like cars, air conditioners need to be serviced occasionally to maintain optimum performance and extend their lives.

Without proper care, you could find yourself with no cool air on a day when temperatures soar. You’ll also pay more for a repair, if that’s even an option. Many times a unit that hasn’t been maintenance can become useless after a series of issues.

We offer special prices on service checks, where our technicians check coolant levels, oil the fan motors, ensure the belts are well adjusted and make sure your unit is running as it should.

It only takes a 10 percent dip in coolant to cause your unit to use 20 percent more energy, which will affect your utility bill in a big way.

Even the most reliable, sturdy equipment needs routine maintenance. Air conditioners are complex machines, and benefit supremely from annual maintenance. They operate more efficiently, and are less likely to break down when you need them.