Furnaces can cause frustration when they don’t function properly. We’re here to troubleshoot your furnace problems in York and Red Lion PA, and happy to provide tips on how to solve basic ones yourself.

Ask yourself these questions and you may be able to get your furnace back to blowing warm air and heating your home.

  1. Is the cool air constant? CHECK YOUR THERMOSTAT. If your thermostat’s fan setting is set to ON, then the blower on the furnace will run even when the furnace is not on. Change the setting to AUTO, and the furnace will only blow warm air. Problem solved, without a technician!
  2. Is your furnace blowing hot air, cold air, then no air at all? Your furnace may have overheated. Replacing the air filter could be the issue. Dirty air filters are the most common cause of furnaces overheating.
  3. Is your pilot light out? If your furnace is blowing only cold air, then it’s possible that you’ll need to relight the furnace pilot light.

Still having problems? Have one of our heating technicians in York or Red Lion come to help. We’re available 24/7 to keep you comfy. Contact us through our website or call us at (717) 244-3266.